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About Us

Convergent Systems (S) Pte Ltd grew up at a time when memory was scarce, computers were actually hi-technology and when the business model was high-margin and low volume. Today, when memory is ample, and computers are commodities and when the business model is low-margin and high volume, we have expanded substantially since those good old days to include almost every imaginable computer-related equipment in our distribution portfolio.

Today, Convergent Systems is one of the foremost distributors of computer-related products in Singapore. With more than 1400 dealers in our distributor channel in Singapore alone, our huge distribution base allows us to maintain very effective marketing and large sales volume. Moreover, we have the ability to reach into every facet of the computer industry in Singapore, from mainstream users to niche players.

Recently, we have also ventured into the small-OEM arena, where Convergent acts as a value added representative of manufacturers like Sony, Yamaha and Sigma Designs, so as to supply pre-sales management, technology support and also marketing strategy formulation to both the manufacturer and the customer. Because of our extensive multi-product experience, we are able to provide pre-sales support which far exceeds the total sum of its parts. And since Singapore is one of the multimedia peripheral hubs of the world, this synergy has worked to great success.

Convergent's spread is not limited to Singapore alone. We maintain a close trading partner in Jakarta, Indonesia, P.T. Remindu Utama, which is now an established distributor of computer-related products in Indonesia. With a network of established dealers in Indonesia, covering a huge dealer base from North Sumatra to East Java to Bali, there is no facet of the computer industry in Indonesia which is inaccessible to us. In the same vein, we are actively pushing products to East and West Malaysia and maintain extensive business links with many countries in Asia, the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and the United States itself.

Our total commitment to a `sales to reseller only' business model has earned us their trust in our integrity, support and good business ethics. For example, VARs and SIs allow us, if convenient, to drop ship the products directly to the premises of the end-user. Support calls for some complex technical issues are routed directly to us by the reseller, further signifying their trust in our ability and business ethics.

The `reseller only' business model has enabled us to penetrate each and every organization connected to the IT industry. This makes it easier for us to introduce new technologies and products to the industry and have them to confidently market the product, assured that we can support them technically and also price-wise.